In OWNDAYS, the standard lenses for all degrees are high quality,
high index aspheric lenses that cause less visual distortion.

No Additional Fee
  • feature01

    High Index Aspheric Lenses

    Enjoy high index aspheric lenses at no additional fee

  • feature02

    Reduce over 99% of UV light

    Protect your eyes from harmful UV light

  • feature03

    Dust-Resistant Coating

    Prevent dust and oil from staining the lens surface.


OWNDAYS offers a wide range of option lenses catered to different occasions and needs.

+ Rp.1,000,000~


OWNDAYS Lens Details

High Index Aspheric Lenses

High quality lenses that are thinner and cause less visual distortion

feature of High Index Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric lenses cause less visual distortion compared to spherical lenses. They are also thinner and therefore lighter.
In OWNDAYS, you can enjoy high index aspheric lenses at no additional fee.

Refractive Index 1.60, 1.67, 1.74

Progressive Lenses

Offer a wider field of vision by providing vision support for near and far zones.

+ Rp.1,000,000

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Progressive lenses have no "boundary line" and allow you to use a single pair of glasses to view objects at all distances. They are currently the preferred type of lenses for presbyopia.
With Progressive (for far & near viewing distances), you can now enjoy the most comfortable vision by choosing the type of progressive lenses most catered to your needs.
Also available in Transitions®, PC and other colour options at a top up fee of + Rp.1,000,000~ per option.

Refractive Index 1.60,1.67
Recommended For For people aged 40 years and above and those who have trouble seeing near objects clearly

PC Lenses

Protect your eyes from blue light emitted by computer and smartphone screens.

+ Rp.1,000,000
feature of PC lenses

PC lenses protect your eyes from blue light which causes symptoms such as eye strain and headaches. These lenses reduce up to 40% of blue light reaching the eyes.
Also available with Transitions® option at a top up fee of + Rp.1,500,000.

Refractive Index 1.60, 1.67
Recommended For While using PC/smartphone

Transitions® Lenses

Lens colour changes according to the amount of UV

+ Rp.1,500,000
features of Transitions lenses

Lens colour changes according to the amount of UV light. Transitions® lenses get darker when exposed to more UV light while the colour becomes lighter when there is less UV light. This unique property allows Transitions® lenses to be used as both regular glasses and sunglasses.
Do note that the lenses get clearer more slowly compared to when they get darker. The colour change is caused by the intensity of UV light and not the brightness of the surrounding.
Also available with PC option at a top up fee of + Rp.1,000,000.

Refractive Index 1.60
Recommended For Driving / Outdoor Activities

※ Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. used under license by Transitions Optical Limited.

Colour Lenses

Convert your favourite frames into trendy sunglasses

+ Rp.1,000,000
features of colour lenses

OWNDAYS provides a variety of colour options. Just pick any pair of frame and convert it into a pair of sunglasses according to your liking and style.

Refractive Index 1.60, 1.67
Recommended For Fishing / Skiing / Driving / Outdoor Activities
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