First Progressive Glasses by OWNDAYS
The lenses used in OWNDAYS’ First Progressive Glasses not only provide a wide field of vision at close range, but also minimize optical distortion and discomfort. With a wide clear area that makes it easy to see, it is recommended for people using progressive glasses the first time or those not used to wearing glasses. Start using from your 40’s for better results.
From using mobile phones to driving
OWNDAYS’ First Progressive Glasses enable users to see things both near and far with just one pair of glasses. From looking at near objects such as computers and mobile phones to looking at far objects while driving, the glasses offer comfortable vision in various aspects of your daily lives.
Best recommended for
Unlike conventional progressive lenses that usually cause discomfort and visual distortion, OWNDAYS’ First Progressive Glasses offer a more comfortable vision with a wider field of sight. Based on your prescription, eye movements and even lifestyle, OWNDAYS is able to fully customize the lenses for you.
OWNDAYS’ First Progressive Glasses utilize a new type of lenses which is highly functional in our daily lives, be it using the computers and mobile phones, reading books, or anytime when you are looking at things up close.

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