puerta del sol
puerta del sol

jewelry brand founded by Hirano Tomoyasu in 1995. The brand name PUERTA DEL SOL comes from one of the busiest squares in Madrid, Spain, meaning “a gate of the rising sun”. The square is also the zero milestone of the radial network of the main Spanish roads. The brand name represents the founder’s fresh spirits, inspired by Spanish writers and architectures.

They came out with “IP jewelry” in 1999, taking up IP Process (Ion Plating Process) - a strategy to develop colours such as black and blue by depositing titanium on silver. They launched brand-new IP jewelry collections, of which motif is chess.

The knight motif is now the signature of PUERTA DEL SOL: there is a wide range of luxury selections including necklaces made of platinum x diamond.

Diamond is often used as a part on the products of PUERTA DEL SOL: the designer would like diamonds to be loved by more people – both men and women – at all situations. You will find a lot of platinum/gold/silver-based jewels with diamond.

line up

PDS009 ¥7,980 + tax
The motif of the sunglasses will be Puerta Del Sol with the Leopard pattern design edging on temporal.
Applying transparent smoky grey on the frame to emphasis the Leopard pattern on the temporal. As for the brown demi color, which will demonstrate different layers on the temporal and on the inner of temporal featured the refine elegant to the details.

PDS008 ¥9,980 + tax
The Ribbon Tattoo collection has always been the motif of brand Puerta Del Sol.
The collaboration collection has design of Puerta Del Sol on the popular Boston shape frame. On the temporal is the ribbon tattoo collection and bridge has craving with the ribbon design to create the decorative details of this stylish pair. Eyewear size is the unisexual model that can be the best fit for your daily life.

PDS004 ¥14,980 + tax
Three-dimensional star-shaped and peg-shaped studs raise rock spirits. The tips of the temporals look like bass guitar head.
The design of guitar neck inside of the temporal on the right side creates a Rock 'n' Roll atmosphere. The square-shaped frame is simple yet stylish and well-fitted on the face.

PDS003 ¥14,980 + tax
Three-dimensional star-shaped and peg-shaped studs create a hardcore punk style. Guitar head is designed on the tips of the temporals.
The design of guitar neck inside of the temporal on the right side is punky, projecting love for music. The square-shaped frame is simple yet stylish and well-fitted on the face.

PDS001 ¥14,980 + tax
Scrollwork designs - symbols of prosperity - are engraved onto the outside of the temporals: rings with scrollwork designs have been hit items.
The frame is a combination of metal and celluloid with scrollwork designs of straight and curved lines, which express the PUERTA DEL SOL style.

metal parts

Hirano Tomoyasu
Jewelry Designer

1991 Starts as a jewelry designer
1995 Sets up a jewelry brand PUERTA DEL SOL
2000 Opens the first directly managed store in Ebisu, Tokyo
2004 Opens a shop at Isetan Shinjuku Store (Department Store) in Tokyo
2011 Opens a shop at JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan (Department Store) in Osaka

Been an innovator in the jewelry industry, Tomoyasu has applied the IP Process (Ion Plating Process) to jewelry design and produced titanium-coating silver works. He has also made use of diamond, which used to be recognised more for women, and designed glittering jewelry for men before others.
It is a combination of the simple and bold yet elegant.


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