Reading Glasses Classic Model

Blue light cut

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  • Stylish reading glasses in classic design

  • Includes a handy soft case

  • Keeps out blue light

  • 4 different degrees to choose from

  • Comes in a ready-to-gift packaging

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Stylish reading glasses in classic design

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Classic model Reading Glasses

RG2001 C1

OWNDAYS Reading Glasses

Reading glasses in the classic Wellington style. The lineup includes 4 different degrees to cater to various usages and distances. The non-tinted, clear lenses come with blue light reduction feature, helping to protect your eyes from harmful blue lights emitted by PC and smartphone screens without altering the colours you see through the lenses. The frames are made from acetate which is lightweight and thus comfortable to wear even for a long period of time. Also recommended for those who experience eyestrain in the evenings as well as new eyeglass users.

What’s Presbyopia?


Presbyopia is a condition whereby you experience difficulties in seeing near objects. While it differs from person to person, the condition usually occurs around 40 years of age and is a symptom in the aging of the eyes.

With the increased use of smartphones, people with myopia, children and young people are also beginning to experience symptoms similar to presbyopia in the evenings. The condition, called “smartphone-induced presbyopia”, is a result of straining the eyes from using smartphones, computers, reading or watching the TV.


Choosing your degree

Choosing your degree


You can choose from 4 different degrees based on your the viewing distance and usage such as for reading, smartphone, tablet and PC.

  • リスト1

    +1.0Difficult and straining when seeing near

  • リスト2

    +1.5Able to see at a distance of 40 – 50 cm

  • リスト3

    +2.0Able to see at a distance of 50 – 60 cm

  • リスト3

    +2.5Able to see at a distance above 60cm

Blue light cut

Blue light cut 35%カット

Utilises blue light lenses

Blue Light Protective lens

Additional blue light reduction feature that can cut down approximately 35%* of blue light emitted by smartphone and PC screens. With the growing number of young people requiring reading glasses, we have added the feature to this contemporary collection of reading glasses to help protect your eyes from blue light.* Based on the results of the British standard test (BS 2724:1987) conducted by Japan Spectacles and Popular Optics Inspection Institute

Classic model

Classic model

Frame design

An elegant design in the classic Wellington style. The curves on the front of the frames make it an easy match to any face shapes and any occasions from everyday use to formal settings.


High index aspheric blue light reduction lenses are used unlike regular reading glasses. Compared to normal lenses, there is less visual distortion and the lenses are lighter in weight. Lenses are non-tinted so you would not experience any colour alteration in your vision. Lenses reduces about 35% of blue light.

Special carrying case


A handy carrying case made of felt in a matching classic design

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