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AIR Ultm by Kansai Yamamoto


  • Kansai Yamamoto collaboration frame
  • OWNDAYS × Kansai Yamamoto

    Designed by Kansai Yamamoto, the mastermind of bold, brightly coloured contemporary avant-garde fashion.
    – AIR Ultem by KANSAI YAMAMOTO –
    Breaking boundaries through injecting a rebellious vibe within refined beauty.This is the KANSAIISM aesthetics.





RM 448.00

KY2001-T C3
KY2002-T C4


RM 448.00


RM 448.00

KY2003-T C1
  • Original
    Eyeglasses CaseandCleaning Cloth

    Each frame comes with a casing and a cleaning cloth featuring a comic print that unveils the extravagant Yamamoto-styled pop culture. With illustrations of sumo wrestlers in glasses and iconic Japanese lucky charms, the Kansai Comics gives off a joyous vibe that is both captivating to the eyes and the soul.

  • Eyeglasses Case/Cleaning Cloth(front and back)


Fashion Designer/Event Producer


Born in 1944, Kansai Yamamoto became the first Japanese designer to make a runway debut in London in 1971.He presented his collection in Paris, New York and Tokyo between 1974 and 1992, joining the ranks of top international designers. In 1993, he ventured beyond fashion design and into event production. Yamamoto has since staged numerous large-scale events,including the Kansai Super Show which has been held around the world and the Nippon Genki Project, drawing over 3.6 million audience globally. Yamamoto is also actively involved in other creative fields, having completed venue design and social event planning for the G8 Toyako Summit as well as the overall design of the Keisei Skyliner train.

WEB PAGEhttp://www.kansai-y.com/

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