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  • Warranty Information

  • Q2: What are the terms and conditions on the warranty of lenses?

    A2: We provide 1-year warranty on lens visual performance.
    * A revised prescription is required for lens degree used based on your requested prescription.
    The warranty does not cover damages to the lenses, including cracks or scratches on the lens coating.

  • Q3: What are the conditions of the warranty for the frames?

    A3: In the event that the frame develops a fault through normal use as outlined in the manual within 1 year upon purchase, the frame will be repaired or replaced.
    *In the event that the original item is no longer in stock, a product of the same value will be given as a replacement.
    *Some items such as products on sale, collaboration products and sunglasses are not considered as a part of the warranty.

  • Q4: Is the warranty valid at any shop?

    A4: Yes.
    The warranty is valid at any Owndays shop around the world. Please bring the glasses with the warranty card.
    *Owndays online shop at Rakuten does not provide the warranty support for the items purchased at the other OWNDAYS shops.
    *If you wish to use your warranty abroad, please contact the shop where the item was purchased in advance.

  • Q5: I lost my warranty card. Is my pair still covered by the warranty?

    A5: We recommend that you keep your warranty card in a safe place. We are unable to provide certain warranty services if you do not present your warranty card.

  • Q6: The warranty period is already over. Can you still provide a warranty?

    A6: No.
    We are unable to extend the warranty period.

  • Q7: I have lost my glasses. Am I covered by the warranty?

    A7: No.
    The warranty does not cover loss or misplacement.

  • Lens Information

  • Q8: The prescription on the lenses is not suitable for me. Can I make an exchange?

    A8: We offer up to 2 changes of lens degree if you experience discomfort in your vision within one year of purchase.
    * A revised prescription is required for lens degree used based on your requested prescription.
    After the first year, lens replacement is at half price (offer valid for one time use only).

  • Q9: The lens has become scratched. Does the warranty cover this?

    A9: Damaged or scratched lenses can be replaced at the following fee:
    €98 for a pair of regular single vision lenses.
    Half price if it is within one year of purchase.
    * Lens replacement service is subject to the condition of the frame.

  • Q10: I am bothered by the lens thickness. Would it be possible to make them thinner?

    A10: Yes, it would be.
    Please speak to our shop staff at the shop where you made the purchase.
    They will offer you the most suitable lenses based on the degree.
    There may be occasions when we cannot meet your requirements of the lens thinness due to your degree and size/shape of frame.

  • Q13: I had my new lenses made to the same degree as before, however, my vision seems different. Why so?

    A13: Depending on the shape of the frame and fitting, there could be a change in vision.
    *In the event that the new lenses are not suitable for your vision, please return to the shop so that we can check the degree and make necessary adjustments to the frame as well as fitting. Please bring your glasses and warranty card to our shop within the warranty period.

  • Purchasing Glasses

  • Q14: When getting the glasses done at the shop, is a prescription required?

    A14: No, it is not.
    A prescription is not necessary. We will give you an eye test and have the glasses made accordingly.
    However, for the following circumstances, we recommend obtaining a prescription in advance:
    - For those who are 12 years old
    - For those who have eye disease and are receiving treatment at an eye clinic.
    - For those whose eye conditions are unstable.

  • Q15: Do you provide eye tests for children?

    A15: Yes, we do. However, for those of 15 years old and below purchasing glasses for the first time and for children of 12 years old and below, we recommend obtaining a prescription first.

  • Q16: What payment methods do you accept?

    A16: We accept cash and major credit cards.
    For other possible payment methods such as gift vouchers and gift cards, please feel free to ask our shop staff.

  • Q17: Is it possible to pay by credit card?

    A17: Yes.
    Most of our shops accept VISA, MASTERCARD and JCB, but some do not. Please ask our shop staff for details.

  • Q18: Can you send products by post?

    A18: Yes.
    It is possible to have products sent to the customer using a delivery service: the cost will be charged to the customer.
    Please feel free to ask our shop staff at the shop.
    *The products are sent with payment on delivery.
    *We do not ship overseas.

  • Q19: Can you make glasses with the same degree as my existing pair?

    A19: Yes, we can.
    Please bring the glasses that you are currently using with you so that we can make new ones to the same specification.
    We can also accept the written forms besides your existing glasses. We can still make new ones to the same specification.
    *In some circumstances such as due to scratches onto the lens or peeled coating, we might not be able to check the lens specification properly.

  • Q20: Is it possible just to have an eye test?

    A20: Yes.
    We give you an eye test for free.

  • Q21: How long does it take to make the glasses?

    A21: We can have them made in as soon as 20 minutes upon payment.
    *Depending on how busy the shop is and availability of lenses in stock.

  • Q22: Is it possible to have an eye test while wearing contact lenses?

    A22: No.
    Customers must remove their contact lenses to have their eyes tested. We provide contact lens case and rinse solution.
    *For disposable contact lenses, please bring a replacement set with you.
    *No, We advise you to have your contact lenses 10 hours.

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  • Shop Information

  • Q23: Where are OWNDAYS shops located? What are the operation hours and on what days are you closed?

    A23: Please refer to the page “SHOP” within this official website.
    *Operation hours may change on certain occasions and during certain periods such as year-end period and New Year period.
    Please check the OWNDAYS official website for details.

  • Product Information

  • Q24: Is it possible to buy the frames only?

    A24: Yes.
    When purchasing frames only, you are given a discount of - €30 from the set price.
    *For some products such as completed pairs and sunglasses, we are unable to sell just the frame on its own.
    *This is applicable only to the purchase at the shops.

  • Q25: Do you offer thinner lenses?

    A25: Yes, we do.
    The range is from High Index Aspheric Lenses (1.60) to Ultra High Index Aspheric Lenses (1.67) without an additional fee. We offer you the most suitable lenses upon consultation.

  • Q26: Is there an additional fee for astigmatism correction?

    A26: No.
    There is no additional fee to be charged regardless of astigmatism or degree.

  • Q28: Do you offer the lenses with UV protection?

    A28: Yes, we do.
    All the lenses at OWNDAYS are equipped with UV protection, which blocks over 99.9% of ultraviolet rays (280nm - 380nm wavelength).

  • Q33: Can you make glasses with no degree lenses?

    A33: Yes, we can.
    We will put no-degree lenses into the frames.
    UV protection and water-repellent coating are equipped.

  • Q34: Do you have frames for children?

    A34: Yes, we do.

  • Q36: Can you change the lenses for the frames purchased from another optical shop?

    A36: Yes, we can.
    We provide a lens replacement service to change the lenses for a fee of €98.
    *Please be aware that we are unable to provide a lens replacement service for the followings:
    - Specialized frames such as those made from gold, platinum, tortoiseshell, wood, bamboo and horn
    - Frames that require large lenses or frames with strong curve
    - Frames that are damaged, have cracks or are distorted
    - Glass lenses or lenses with strong curve
    Lenses that OWNDAYS do not deal with.
    *In addition to the above, there may be other materials which we are unable to provide a lens replacement service for. Please inquire at the shop for more details.

  • Q37: I would like to reserve a limited edition or collaboration product.

    A37: Collaboration and limited edition products are limited in numbers. We do not accept reservations of such items.

  • After Sales Service

  • Q38: What are your after sales service like that I can enjoy?

    A38: We change the nose-pads, make adjustments to the screws, tighten the screws, adjust the fitting and check your vision for free of charge.
    *Change of nose-pads is limited to one time only (warranty card required).

  • Q39: Is it possible to return an item after purchase?

    A39: You may return any OWNDAYS product for a full refund within one month of purchase. We accept all valid returns with no questions asked.
    * Limited to a one-time refund per customer for the return of non-defective products.
    * Refund will only be accepted at the shop of purchase.
    * To help us understand your needs better, please complete a Satisfaction Survey while we process your refund.

  • Q40: The lens has a scratch. Can you get rid of it?

    A40: No.
    We are unable to repair scratches onto the lens. Upon checking the condition of the frames, we may be able to change the lenses.

  • Q41: Can you make adjustments to frames purchased from another optical shop?

    A41: Yes.
    We can adjust the fitting of frames for free of charge at any of OWNDAYS shops around the world.
    *In some circumstances depending on the condition of the frames, we are unable to provide this service.

  • Q42: Can I have adjustments made at any OWNDAYS shop other than the one where I made the purchase?

    A42: Yes.
    We provide adjustments for free of charge at any of our OWNDAYS shops around the world.

  • Q43: The nose-pad screw and hinge screw have come off. Can you fix it?

    A43: Yes.
    We can fix it for free of charge.

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