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Company History

Company History

Company History

  • Opened 1st shop in Surabaya, Indonesia at TUNJUNGAN PLAZA.
  • Opened 1st shop in Den Haag, The Netherlands at Passage.
  • Opened 1st shop in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam at Saigon Centre.
  • Opened 1st shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square.
  • Opened 1st shop in Sydney, Australia at Westfield Chatswood.
  • Opened 1st shop in Manila, Philippines at Estancia.
  • Opened 1st shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia at Aeon Mall Phnom Penh.
  • Opened 1st shop in Bangkok, Thailand at Mega Bangna.
  • Launched OWNDAYS Eye Camp, a project aimed at providing aid in developing countries.
  • Started vision correction support activities in Tamil Nadu, India through the distribution of glasses.
  • Opens first Taiwan shop in Breeze Taipei Station.
  • Opens first Singapore shop in Plaza Singapura.
  • Introduces new pricing system with no extra costs for High Index Aspheric lenses.
  • Participates in the fourth Okinawa International Film Festival as an official sponsor.
  • Opens 100th shop in Japan.
  • Participates in WORLD RUNWAY of Glasses Festival as an official sponsor.
  • Opens first China shop in Guangzhou.
  • Participates in Tokyo Girls Collection Vol. 10 A/W as an official sponsor.
  • Opens shop in Okinawa.
  • Opens shop in Mie, Tokai area of Japan.
  • Shuji Tanaka (current president and CEO) individually acquires control of OWNDAYS, which is on the verge of bankruptcy due to enormous debt, in response to an appeal for increased third-party capital.
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