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We at OWNDAYS have a dream – “To enrich the life of everyone who has a relationship with OWNDAYS.”

It is believed that about four billion people in the world need visual correction. However, half of them are unable to get their vision corrected due to the lack of eye care facilities as well as financial difficulties.

It saddens us to learn that so many people have to endure the inconveniences and agonies caused by poor vision so we begin pondering what we can do for them.

It is, of course, impossible to change the world or help every single person in need.

However, we know that there would be no improvement to the situation if we do nothing.

Through OWNDAYS glasses, we hope to bring people a clearer and a more beautiful vision before their eyes.



Sharing the vision with the world.

In OWNDAYS, part of our profits goes towards giving out free glasses to people in developing countries.

The OWNDAYS Eye Camp is conducted every 3 months in partnership with Voice Trust, a non-governmental organization based in South India.

Volunteer doctors conduct eye checks for people in the rural parts of India to determine the prescription each person requires.

At the same time, they also carry out eye health evaluations to screen for signs of eye diseases.

OWNDAYS then makes the glasses using the prescriptions obtained from the eye checks. Not only that, OWNDAYS staff even help the recipients with the adjustment of the glasses to ensure the glasses sit well on their faces.

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