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High Index Aspheric Lenses for No Additional Fee

High Index Aspheric Lenses for No Additional Fee


No additional fee for high index aspheric lenses, regardless of the high degree!
The price systems of conventional spectacle shops were not simple enough to understand for customers: some additional fees were hidden.
OWNDAYS makes the price system simple and easy to understand – we offer high index aspheric lenses for no additional fee, no matter how high the degree is. The fee you are charged for a basic pair is as indicated on each frame in the shops.

Processed In 20 Min. Your glasses will be available in 20 minutes after the payment!
frame,high index aspheric lenses (1.60),S$98

25% Discount from the 2nd Pair
for Same Day Purchase.

ご本人様同時購入で2本目25% OFF 2本目以降25%OFF

Terms & Conditions:

  • 1. Discount applies to the lower priced item(s).
  • 2. Sunglasses, PC frames and accessories are excluded.
  • 3. Discount cannot be combined with other promotion(s).
  • 4. Discount applies to glasses for the same wearer only.
  • 5. OWNDAYS reserves the right to amend privileges, terms and conditions without prior notice.
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