EYE CAMPSeeing the unknown future with OWNDAYS

We at OWNDAYS have a dream –
“To enrich the life of everyone who has a relationship with OWNDAYS.”

It is believed that about four billion people in the world need visual correction. However, half of them are unable to get their vision corrected due to the lack of eye care facilities as well as financial difficulties.

It saddens us to learn that so many people have to endure the inconveniences and agonies caused by poor vision so we begin pondering what we can do for them.

It is, of course, impossible to change the world or help every single person in need.

However, we know that there would be no improvement to the situation if we do nothing.

Through OWNDAYS glasses, we hope to bring people a clearer and a more beautiful vision before their eyes.

EYE CAMP Sharing the vision with the world.

In OWNDAYS, part of our profits goes towards giving
out free glasses to people in developing countries.

The OWNDAYS Eye Camp is conducted every 3 months in partnership with local non-governmental organizations in developing countries. Volunteer doctors conduct eye checks and carry out eye health evaluations to screen for signs of eye diseases.

OWNDAYS then makes the glasses using the prescriptions obtained from the eye checks. Not only that, OWNDAYS staff even help the recipients with the adjustment of the glasses to ensure the glasses sit well on their faces.





NEPALBaglung 202312.12.06

The OWNDAYS Eye Camp this time was held at Galkot, a municipality in Baglung District of Nepal.

Baglung District is one of the 77 districts in Nepal. It is approximately 5 hours’ drive away from the city of Pokhara, through steep mountainous roads. Due to such geographic constraints, access to medical care is extremely difficult for people living in Baglung. They have to travel through mountainous roads by car for 2 hours to get spectacles at a nearby town. After eye test, it would take up to 20 days before their spectacles are ready for collection. Since commuting around town is harder for children and the elderly, vision correction naturally takes a back seat in terms of priority.

This Eye Camp, OWNDAYS made about 320 pairs of spectacles and the staff headed on-site to personally hand the spectacles over to the recipients. This was the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic that the staff were able to visit the venue in person to do spectacle fitting for the recipients. Nepali is the native language widely spoken in the Baglung area. Driven by their desire to give back to their home country through the skills and knowledge they have acquired at OWNDAYS, 2 staff members of Nepalese origin participated in the Eye Camp, taking the lead in strengthening ties with the local community.

Among those who received the spectacles, some were bewildered as it was their first time putting on spectacles, while others accepted the spectacles delightfully. Despite being just a short stay, it was a priceless time spent together.

  • Milan


    I participated in the Eye Camp at India right after joining OWNDAYS. That was the catalyst that inspired me to propose and plan for an Eye Camp in my home country of Nepal which is now the fifth Eye Camp held there. I would like to express my gratitude to the volunteer staff who travelled to such remote places to deliver spectacles and to OWNDAYS for making this possible.

  • Prakash


    I believe making others happy is also a way to make oneself happy. I joined this Eye Camp because I wanted to contribute something to my home country. When I was handing out the spectacles, an elderly man in his 70s told me that he could now see like he did when he was 30 years old thanks to the spectacles. The smiles and words of gratitude are memories I will never forget. I will continue to do my best with the valuable experience I gained through Eye Camp and the new-found respect for the local community.

  • Nagai


    I have been involved in volunteer activities in Africa with the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers so Eye Camp was one of the reasons I decided to join OWNDAYS. Despite being in poverty, people there have a cheerful vibe and that really stuck with me. If you are struggling in life right now, I would encourage you to join Eye Camp. I hope all the staff of OWNDAYS would come to know that the company they are working for is doing such meaningful activities.

  • Sasahara


    During the trip, we saw the local people performing cremation. The deceased was burnt near a river and the ashes being thrown into the water. As someone who has only been exposed to Japanese funeral culture, it was such a shocking sight I could not even describe the feeling in words. Experiencing a different culture has made me realise that what we see as normal may not be the same in other countries. I also happened to spend my birthday during the Eye Camp. It gave me the opportunity to understand the differences in cultures and the reality of life and death. This has made me appreciate things that I have taken for granted and to cherish my daily life from now on.

  • Greta


    I’m a staff from OWNDAYS Taiwan and I’m the only one from the Taiwan team in this Eye Camp. After travelling through bumpy mountainous roads, we found ourselves in a remote area with underdeveloped transportation and infrastructure. Despite this, the people there embrace life with bright smiles. This was something I had never imagined seeing. What struck me the most was that even though we speak different languages, we were able to communicate through gestures. I was showered with many smiles, compliments and heartfelt hugs and that made the experience truly unforgettable!



IRAQTobzawa 2022.12.20

As with the year before, OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in Iraq in partnership with NPO IVY.

The school we visited this time was in Tobzawa Village, one of the most impoverished areas in Erbil that is approximately 36km away from the city centre. The residents there is a mix of Arab and Kurdish people. There is no hospital in the village and essential services such as water and electricity are also lacking. Since public transport in Iraq and KRG is underdeveloped, residents need to travel by taxi, the most expensive mode of transportation, to the city centre to access medical facilities.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, OWNDAYS staff were unable to travel to the venue in person so the spectacles were entrusted to the local IVY staff.

Due to its circumstance, wearing spectacles is not a common practice in Iraq even for those with poor eyesight. As a result, many children were puzzled when they put on spectacles for the first time. A total of 208 pairs of spectacles were handed out this Eye Camp and the experience had certainly created a positive impact on the children’s education.

Moving forward, we will continue to expand the scope of activities conducted within the framework of the OWNDAYS Eye Camp.



IRAQKaiyara 2021.10.29

The latest OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in the town of Kaiyara in Iraq, with cooperation from the NPO IVY. This is the first OWNDAYS Eye Camp ever hosted in the Middle East
As was the case last year, the impact from the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease prevented OWNDAYS personnel from making the trip overseas. Instead, the eyeglasses prepared for distribution were consigned to IVY staff members.

Kaiyara Town in Mosul City was occupied by the Islamic State in Iraq (ISIL) through 2016. In the subsequent operation to recapture the region, a large number of local public facilities were destroyed.
The school building of Mashriq Elementary School, utilized as the site for this Eye Camp, was destroyed by ISIL during the occupation. After this area was liberated, the school was rebuilt with solicited donations.

Our program here was organized to conduct eyesight tests and distribute eyeglasses to local children and their guardians, elderly persons and others living in the neighboring area.
For example, children forced to wear broken eyeglasses because they are unable to purchase new ones. Children unable to obtain any eyeglasses up to now. Senior citizens continuing to use reading glasses not fitting their own visual needs.
Every recipient of new eyeglasses could be seen smiling at the joy of seeing clearly again.
This was the first time that overseas products had been delivered to this town following its liberation. That further increased the joy of the participants.

Going forward, OWNDAYS has determined to advance it business to Middle Eastern countries.
That will be accompanied with ongoing expansion of new activities, with OWNDAYS Eye Camp programs in the Middle East continued to be organized.


Pin Laung,Pin Pgyit,Yauk Sauk

MYANMARPin Laung, Pin Pgyit, Yauk Sauk 2020.10.29-11.18

The 19th OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in two regions of Shan State in Myanmar – Pin Laung and Yauk Sauk.

In organizing these activities, the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease was a major factor. The situation made it extremely difficult to conduct the traditional approach of OWNDAYS staff members from various countries gathering at local sites to distribute the eyeglasses. Instead, the 448 eyeglasses produced for this occasion were presented by local doctors and charity group workers, following thorough infection control measures.

In Pin Laung, about four and a half hours by car from Taunggyi City (the base of our operation), eyeglasses were distributed in the three villages of Yimi, Pinglun and Tigyit. Under administrative instructions, the program was spread over five days, with no more than 30 persons allowed to gather at once. In Yauk Sauk, about a two-hour drive from Taunggyi, distribution took place in three locations –Pin Pgyit and Yadanar Pone villages, and Magin Monastery.

Though the impact of the pandemic has created unprecedented conditions over the past year, it is exactly at such times that cooperation takes on greater importance. Our aim is to bring smiles to the faces of as many people in Myanmar as possible, while conveying our appreciation to the entire local population. We likewise look forward to the recovery of security and a democratic political system for all Myanmar citizens at the earliest possible time.


Sapang Bato, Pampanga

PHILIPPINESSapang Bato, Pampanga 2019.12.25

OWNDAYS Eye Camp is a way of giving back to our fellow Filipinos. Last December 25, 2019, we had our 5th Eye Camp in the Philippines – aiming to help our less fortunate kababayans from Pampanga and shared with them the gift of sight with the help of Apl.de.ap’s team.

OWNDAYS Volunteers, including OWNDAYS CEO, Shuji Tanaka, celebrated their Christmas with the families from Sapang Bato, Pampanga, Philippines. There was a total of 863 participants of the Christmas Party and a total of 150 pairs of glasses were given to those who needed them. The children who attended were also given a total of 1,000 school supplies to support their education. Participants and the volunteers enjoyed the Christmas Party that was held at the residence of Mr. Apl.de.ap.

As we conclude the year 2019, OWNDAYS assures everyone that we will continue to dedicate ourselves to sharing the gift of good vision to those in need through Eye Camp.


Pekon, Shan

MYANMARPekon, Shan 2019.11.09 & 2019.11.11

The 18th OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in Pekon, a town in Shan State, Myanmar.

People in Pekon have limited access to healthcare facilities as it is difficult getting to the cities where the main medical institutions are situated. Despite this, Pekon rarely receives relief from charities so the people there were delighted when we visited them for the OWNDAYS Eye Camp.

Throughout this Eye Camp, we distributed approximately 400 pairs of glasses to people of all ages, from children to the elderly. The glasses were fitted with prescription lenses catered to each of the recipient’s needs. One by one, the Eye Camp crew carefully adjusted the frame fitting for the recipients and checked to ensure their vision was clear and comfortable.

Similar to previous ones, this OWNDAYS Eye Camp was made possible as a result of the combined effort from various parties. This included our customers around the world whose purchase constituted a portion of the funding for the project, the committee members who liaised with local doctors and schools, the local doctors who conducted eye examination and provided us with the prescription details and finally the OWNDAYS staff in Japan who had taken great care in putting the glasses together. As to the Eye Camp crew members, we completed the final step of handing over the glasses to the beneficiaries. Beyond being visual aids, these glasses embodied the thoughts of everyone involved in the project, their well-wishes to the people of Pekon and our aspiration of making the world look more beautiful through improved vision.

This OWNDAYS Eye Camp gave us an opportunity to establish a closer bond with the people in Myanmar. Moving forward, we will continue to bring our glasses to those in need so they can experience the joy of having brighter, clearer vision.


Tondo, Manila

PHILIPPINESTondo, Manila 2019.08.07

The 2019 OWNDAYS Eye Camp in the Philippines was organised in collaboration with Lions Clubs International, a non-profit service organization. This time, the Eye Camp was held in Tondo, Manila, one of the most densely populated places in the Philippines where people often face difficulties in accessing adequate supply of water, housing and proper sanitation.
Besides, the provision of education and health services as well as employment opportunities are also lacking in the area.

This Eye Camp, we gave out over 200 pairs of prescription glasses to individuals who are troubled by poor vision but are unable to afford glasses. In addition, we donated school supplies, schoolbags, shoes, toys and snacks to the local children.

We hope our effort through the OWNDAYS Eye Camp could help to brighten up people’s lives and create a positive impact in the society. In line with our philosophy of “enriching the lives of people associated with OWNDAYS”, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to helping the less fortunate and to sharing the vision with the world through OWNDAYS Eye Camp.


Malekhu, Beni Ghat

NEPALMalekhu, Beni Ghat 2018.03.18

The 12th OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in Nepal.

Being situated in the mountainous inland areas, economic growth in Malekhu and Beni Ghat has been slow. Public facilities are inadequate and supplies are usually limited due to transportation constraints. Many living in both towns face difficulties in obtaining daily necessities.Through OWNDAYS Eye Camp, we were able to provide support, albeit just a small amount, to the people in need.

Being situated in the mountainous inland areas, economic growth in Malekhu and Beni Ghat has been slow. Public facilities are inadequate and supplies are usually limited due to transportation constraints. Many living in both towns face difficulties in obtaining daily necessities.
Through OWNDAYS Eye Camp, we were able to provide support, albeit just a small amount, to the people in need.

We have dedicated a portion of our global profits to help people who are less privileged. By doing so, we hope to enrich their lives. To us, each OWNDAYS Eye Camp is a reinforcement of our values and vision.
By visiting local communities and giving out relief supplies to the people in need, we hope we would be able to enrich the lives of these people.

We will continue to travel across borders to help people in need through the OWNDAYS Eye Camp.


Tandi, Chitwan

NEPALTandi, Chitwan 2017.10.06

The 11th OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in Tandi, a city in the Chitwan District of Nepal.
From the capital city, Kathmandu, we travelled across steep mountains with prescription glasses prepared for the local people in need who could not afford glasses. We also brought along books and toys that would be given out in a local school.

There are many ways to contribute to the society. For instance, one could simply send financial or material aids from home. However, in OWNDAYS, we choose to visit local communities in perso n because we would like to provide the same level of service and quality to the recipients as we would to our customers back home. As we hand over our glasses, we are able to help the recipients adjust the glasses at the same time.

This time, we also raised donations in the form of an in-house virtual currency called OWNDAYS Miles. The donations were exchanged for toys and given out to children from poor families.The OWNDAYS Eye Camp allows us to meet the local people face to face and pass them our glasses personally. It is a reminder to us on how we could do our part for people in the world as a company.

In line with our corporate philosophy of enriching the lives of people related to OWNDAYS, we have pledged a portion of our profits to help people in need who are burdened by poor eyesight. We will continue to provide prescription glasses to those in need through OWNDAYS Eye Camp.


Datong Dist., Taipei City

TAIWANDatong Dist., Taipei City 2017.06.10

The 10th OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in Taiwan. This was the first time the project was conducted there. We collaborated with Breeze Charity Foundation and distributed prescription glasses to the children in need.

We met many children from low income families who were unable to afford eyeglasses. This encounter has reminded us yet again that OWNDAYS is more than just an eyewear retailer. We are also helping to enrich the lives of others by bringing them a clearer, brighter future.

This OWNDAYS Eye Camp in Taiwan has brought us new encounters and reminded us the importance of having good vision. Let’s continue making a difference by sharing the vision with the world.


Cabalawan, Tacloban City

PHILIPPINESCabalawan, Tacloban City 2017.03.27 & 05.23

The 9th OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in Cabalawan, Tacloban City, the Philippines in collaboration with Lions Club International and The Gift of Sight by Robinsons Malls.

In November 2013, the once beautiful city, formerly known as “The Beautiful City By The Bay”, was damaged by the deadly Typhoon Haiyan. 4 years on, many people are still living in makeshift homes. The road to the city’s revival seems slow and difficult.

This time, we gave out eyeglasses to the people in need living in Cabalawan district of Tacloban. We also brought pictures books and toys for the children. We hope our OWNDAYS glasses could bring a little sunshine and joy to their lives.

In line with our philosophy of “enriching the lives of people associated with OWNDAYS”, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to help the less fortunate and share the vision with the world through OWNDAYS Eye Camp.


Ayanar nagar village


Pandacan, Manila

PHILIPPINESPandacan, Manila 2016.11.08 & 23

The 7th OWNDAYS Eye Camp was held in the Philippines. In partnership with ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc., the Eye Camp Team identified towns with the greatest need for vision correction before embarking on the mission. This was the first Eye Camp in the country and would definitely not be the last.
We distributed prescription eyeglasses to 200 children and adults. The recipients shared stories about the difficulties they experienced every day and how OWNDAYS Eye Camp could change their lives. We were very excited that we could help give them a clearer and more beautiful vision.

Through the OWNDAYS Eye Camp, we have met many people who require eyeglasses but are unable to obtain a pair due to financial difficulties. From children to adults, we hope to continue these efforts in enriching the lives of people through our eyeglasses. What we do day by day is more than merely selling eyeglasses, it is to give others the ability to see clearly. We are grateful to have another heart-warming experience in the OWNDAYS Eye Camp. In line with our mission of sharing vision with the world, we strive to continue making a difference to the world.


Madurai, Tamil Nadu

INDIAMadurai, Tamil Nadu 2016.08.24 - 25

One year since the first OWNDAYS Eye Camp. This was our 6th Eye Camp and we returned to Madurai, India, the place where it was first held.

There were 4 distribution venues this time. We distributed glasses to the residents in Andar Kottaram Village, Ambethkar Nagar Village, Kathakinaru Village as well as students in a school in Kathakinaru Village.
At present, there are many people who require glasses but are unable to obtain a pair. We wish to do our part to help improve this situation no matter how small our effort may be. One person at a time, we hope from the bottom of our hearts that our glasses would put a smile on the Indian people.

In line with our mission to enrich the lives of everyone, we will continue to do our part in order to share the wonders and joy of “being able to see clearly” with the world.




Tokha, Kathmandu

NEPALTokha, Kathmandu 2016.03.11

In 2015, Nepal was hit by a deadly earthquake of an estimated 7.8 magnitude. It was a dreadful disaster that brought many buildings down in shatters, led to landslides and even triggered an avalanche.
With the thought of helping people in affected areas acquire good vision while they rebuild their homeland, we headed to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal for the 4th installment of the OWNDAYS Eye Camp.

This time, we brought along approximately 150 pairs of glasses with customised prescriptions for the recipients and we called upon OWNDAYS staff from around the world to go on this expedition in Nepal.
As we handed out the glasses, the Nepali people also gave us their widest smiles in return. Some put their palms together in a prayer like gesture while others held and shook our hands. Despite differences in language, we could feel their immense happiness and gratitude upon receiving the glasses.

We hope our efforts of giving out glasses to those who are less fortunate would help improve the lives of the people in Nepal.Everyone should have a chance to enjoy clear vision and we aim to make this happen. We hope to enrich the lives of people around us through the gift of sight, step by step, one person after another.


Madurai, Tamil Nadu

INDIAMadurai, Tamil Nadu 2015.09.04

6,800 km from Japan.In the rural parts of India, facilities available for eye examinations are often inadequate. As a result, many people living in these areas are unable to correct their vision. To help these people overcome the problems and inconveniences caused by poor vision, OWNDAYS organised a volunteer expedition to Sakkimangalam Village, located in Madurai, a major city in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, where staff from different countries came together to deliver glasses to the local communities there. Approximately 100 pairs of prescription glasses were given out to people from 6 to 80 years old.

We cannot help but to reminisce in the joy we saw on these people’s faces when they could finally see clearly with their new glasses. Indeed, the joy of having good vision transcends borders and cultural differences.From children to adults, we hope to continue our efforts in enriching the lives of people around the world through OWNDAYS glasses. Whether it is one person or one thousand people, we hope we can make a difference to their lives.




Town Panjayat


Tsuyama General Gymnasium


Ishinomaki Junior High School


HigashiMatsushima Municipal Daiichi Junior High School


Yamoto Daini Junior High School


Omagari Elementary School


Tagajo City Cultural Centre


Tagajo City Cultural Centre