AIR Ultem

Soft as a feather

light as the air

Soft as a feather light as the air

Gọng kính siêu nhẹ với chất liệu mới chỉ 9.4g.*

Over 2 Million Pairs Sold


Lightweight Flexible Durable

Frame of “AIR Ultem” is made of unique and super flexible material called “Ultem”, which makes the frames lighter than ever and a pair of Air Ultem only weighs 9.4g. The concept of this brand is “Gentle as Feathers and Light as the Air”. This material has been receiving much attention and is being used to make spare parts of spaceships and aircrafts, for being super lightweight and excellent in flexibility, flame resistance and heat resistance. The astonishing flexibility of AIR Ultem has passed the inspections of the temporals, conducted by Japan Spectacles and Popular Optics Inspection Institute, enduring pressure of over 10,000 times without distortion. The frames have also passed the inspections of endurance and bridge distortion, based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS B 7285:2008): AIR Ultem has been proven to be very functional and perfect for daily use. With a variety of designs, in different shapes and colours for both men and women, this brand has always been very popular.*9.4g stands only for the weight of a frame, excluding lenses. Also, the weight differs according to models.

FDA Approved MaterialUltem

So light and durable beyond the ordinary.
A safe and enduring material used for medical devices, spaceships and aircraft. It is tough and unlikely to break even when stepped on.

  • Used for
    Aircraft Parts

  • Light
    and Tough

  • Used for
    Medical Devices

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Heat


  • Amazing Flexibility

    Light, durable and amazingly flexible. So elastic that it is unlikely to break even when bent.

  • Safe Material

    A material that is safe for the human body and is used for medical devices and milk bottles.

  • Rubber Tips

    Original rubber tips can keep your glasses firm on your face.

LINE UPAIR Ultem Frames

StandardMinimalist + Stylish

The standard series features classic frames great for both first-time and seasoned spectacle wearers. Ideal for all occasions whether formal or casual.

SlimOnly 2.6mm in thickness

The slim series is all about balancing thin silhouette with current eyewear trends. Thin and light as the air, the frames can be worn comfortably over a long period of time.

ColorfulStylish and Colourful

The colourful series celebrates colour and design. Made from a blend of ultem and transparent PPSU resin, the vibrant lineup offers a brilliant touch to your outfit.

FunctionalThe Perfect Fit

The functional series is designed for comfort. The frame front and the temples are connected using elastic β-titanium to give a better fit while preventing the temples from becoming out of shape over time.