At OWNDAYS, we are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. Using the concept of OWNDAYS Standard, we strive to offer a consistent level of excellent customer service across all our retail outlets.

Simple Price

No additional charge for standard lenses of any power
Pay only the price indicated on the frame


From A$128

In OWNDAYS, we pride ourselves in our simple price system. All you need to pay for a pair of spectacles is the price indicated on the frame. There is no additional charge for standard high index aspheric lenses of any power.


Our standard lenses are high quality high index aspheric lenses that cause less visual distortion

The lenses we use in OWNDAYS are high index aspheric lenses manufactured by top international lens makers.

20-Minutes Quick Processing

Glasses ready in only 20 minutes after purchase

We know your time is valuable and that’s why we aim to deliver your glasses to you in as little time as possible. Backed by solid knowledge and skills, we are able to process your glasses within 20 minutes upon payment.

Lens Replacement

Replace lenses of spectacles bought from other shops at simple price!

From A$128

Let us help you breathe new life into the old spectacles that you cherish by replacing the lenses. We are happy to do so even for spectacles purchased from other shops.


Designed and manufactured in-house

Every pair of OWNDAYS spectacles is carefully assembled by hand.

Customer Guarantees

Offering you the most comprehensive after-sales service in the optical industry

We endeavour to provide a consistent level of after-sales support across all our stores even as we continue to expand our retail network around the world.


Multilingual support with the most professional skills and knowledge

We listen to your individual needs in order to help you find the right eyewear that complements your personality and style while meeting your daily needs!