Environment-friendly spectacle frames

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eyewear option A new eco-friendly

  1. New Eco-Friendly Material
    New Eco-Friendly

    Made of a resin material derived from castor plant; with lower carbon emission compared to conventional resin materials

  2. Colourful Transparent Frames
    Colourful Transparent

    Made of Rilsan® Clear G850, a sustainable material that is transparent yet rich in colour

  3. Lightweight and Gentle on the Skin
    Lightweight and Gentle
    on the Skin

    Lightweight with no exposed metal components; safe for people with metal allergies

What isBiomass Mark

The Biomass Mark is awarded to eco-friendly products that use biomass resources and are in compliant with key regulations and standards for product quality and safety. Products must be of at least 10% biomass composition on a dry weight basis to qualify.

Biomass Mark

Eco-Friendly Spectacle Frames
Made using biomass resources derived from castor plant

castor plant

Castor plant is a renewable raw material that grows in wastelands. It is a perennial plant that does not cause deforestation. The use of fossil fuel is thus reduced during production, resulting in lower carbon emission.
At OWNDAYS, we are committed to making our products as environmentally friendly as possible.

HOW IT WORKSThe Making of eco²xy

Castor Plant

STEP01 Castor PlantA renewable plant-based resource

Features of Castor Plant
  • ・Does not cause deforestation
  • ・Does not affect food supply
  • ・A perennial plant

STEP02 OilExtracted from castor seeds


STEP03 PowderTransformed from oil to resin raw material


STEP04 ResinProcessed into spectacle frames

End Product

STEP05 End ProductEco-friendly spectacle frames
that meet SDGs
(Sustainable Development Goals)

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Our consumption habits will impact
the environment and our future

OWNDAYS is committed to protecting the environment and the well-being of our future generations. We strive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals towards building a more sustainable society and to achieve greater social good through our initiatives.