OWNDAYS SM City Baguio

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Upper Ground Floor SM City Baguio Luneta Hill Upper Session Road Baguio City Benguet 2600

Operating Hours

Wednesday 10:00-21:00

Thursday 10:00-21:00

Friday 10:00-21:00

Saturday 10:00-21:00

Sunday 10:00-21:00

Monday 10:00-21:00

Tuesday 10:00-21:00

* Store hours are subject to change without prior notice.

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Getting Here

A pair of spectacles from PHP2,990. No additional charge even for thinner lenses of any degree.
OWNDAYS makes your vision clearer.

OWNDAYS SM City Baguio is a team of specialists of spectacles.
We OWNDAYS deal with everything required for optical retail business from designing, manufacturing to sales in order to provide you with high quality spectacles at reasonable prices.
Let us know your needs for your better vision such as “I want a new pair of spectacles”, “I would like my lenses to be renewed, since the degree of the existing lenses is not right for my eyes any more” and “I am looking to purchase a pair of PC glasses”.
Our experienced staff are more than glad to assist you to find your favorite pairs in OWNDAYS SM City Baguio. Consultation is free of charge.
We also help you with the maintenance of your pairs like tightening of the loose screws. Please drop by OWNDAYS SM City Baguio anytime.