Company Personal Data Protection Policy of OWNDAYS (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd

Please read this terms and conditions agreement carefully. If you accept or deny this terms and agreement of Personal Data policy, please reject compaony platform accessibility.

  • The limitation of this purpose.

    OWNDAYS (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd or company is aware of Personal Data Protection of each individual whom purchases or use service ("customer") for the Act of Personal Data Protection Year 2562. The board has approved Personal Data Protection policy of the company. Therefore, the company has determined to officially announce this issuance to protect customer comprehensively by objectively clarify, handle and disclose customer personal data implementation in related to product and services of the company. Please acknowledge this document and perceive this company objectivity.

    Personal Information means customer related data in which is capable of specify a customer either direct or indirect excluding from deceased, legal entity, or implemented information incapable of indicating customer’s personal information.

    The sensitive personal information (Sensitive Data)" means personal information related to nationality, race, politic opinion, cult, religion or philosophy; which could affect individual personal information. At the same time, the board official announce to keep, apply and expose sensitive personal information once individual has consent to reveal.

    "Personal Information Conduct" means any act to the company in related to customer personal information includes collecting, gathering, exposing personal information and removing personal information.

  • Those who handle customer personal information

    Company is "Personal Information Conservator" of every customer; thus, duty and responsibility regarding to approaches as well as maintaining stability and security of customer personal information. Conducting personal information is appropriately executed only if mandatory to service the proposal is required; which may consist of sale support or marketing are based upon the action with intention, restriction and approaches upon legislation determination.

  • Customer Personal Information that company may gather.

    Accessibility and servicing of the company is required customer to provide personal information that is applicable to specify products and services. The company direct gathering the personal information from customer as stated above as well as personal information recording on data base. For example, first name and last name, day-month-year, telephone number, address, LINE ID, Internet Protocol (IP) or relatively alternative information.

  • What are the reasons the organization require customer personal information?

    Company manage customer personal information to issue various intention in related to the company regarding to purchase and to provide after-sale service. The company purposes to evaluate customer personal information (Conduct data-base), which rest upon either one or more reasons altogether here as follow:

    • Since the company duty act upon affiance: measuring standard of the contract. In such manner customers may obtain privilages in exchange, return or attain after-sale service as the company policy has stated.
    • Since the company received customer’s consent: the evaluation will be based on customer consent in which the company will evaluate customer’s personal data for marketing, promotion, statistic, study, analyze, research, data assessment or any purposes that are not prohibited by the laws.

    Customer personal information will be carry out only the purposes which was stated. In some cases, company may consider capability of processing customer personal data for other relevant and uncontradicted. Other than original purposes, in some cases the company require processing the data for other purposes that is not related to the original purposes. The company will request for a new consent for the use of information for new purposes.

  • Obtaining consent from minors, incompetent person and quasi-incompetent people.

    • Minors under the age of 10 must obtain the consent of their parents who have the authority to act on behalf of the minor. Underage minors can give their consent alone. If it falls under Sections 22, 23 and 24 of the Civil and Commercial Code. In addition, the consent of the parent who has the authority to act on behalf of the minor shall be obtained.
    • An incompetent person can ask for consent from the guardian who has the right to act on behalf of the incompetent person.
    • An incompetent person to obtain consent from a guardian who has the right to act on behalf of a quasi-incompetent person.
  • Disclosure of personal information to third parties.

    The Company may disclose customer’s personal data to third parties to process the data in accordance with contractual or legal obligations or as consented by the customer.
    The website and payment account may provide links to other websites and services for your convenience in giving information which may have different notices and privacy policies from the company.
    The company recommends that you to consider before using those services. To the extent the company does not own or control the linked to the websites that customer visits. The company is not responsible for that service. Methods and information related to payment for online purchases made on the website your credit card information. For instance, credit card number, bank that issued the credit card, the expiration date is stored and verified through a third-party payment system. This information is not stored permanently on the company’s servers. and will be deleted immediately after being verified by a third-party payment system.

  • The right to customer’s personal data

    Customer has the right to their personal information. Customer may apply for various of rights under the provision of the laws and announcement set forth now or to be amended in the future as follows:

    Right to be informed can be done through processing of personal data collection. Method on data collection, person to receive information, reasons and duration of personal data storage.

    Right of access is the right in obtaining a company of customer’s personal data that the company’s responsibility and evaluation whether the company has legally processed the data.

    The Right to data portability (Right to data portability). The Company gathers personal data in a format that can be read or generally used by means of automated tools or equipment. The processed by automatic methods can be execute through customer requesting the company to transmit or transfer personal information to another person by means of automated means or request to obtain personal information that the company sends or directly transfers to other people unless by technical condition it is not possible to execute.

    The right to object to the processing of personal data (Right to object). The customer can object for such event on Company processes the customer’s data.

    Right to request removal or destroy or subject the personal data to become unidentify (Right to erasure Right). Customer can request the data be erased or destroyed or subject customer’s personal data is to become unidentifiable.

    The right to restrict usage of personal data (Right to restrict). Customers can request to suspend the use of personal data. When the Company is in the process of reviewing the Customer’s request to correct the Personal Data or when the company is in the process of proving or verifying the request on practices of the customer’s right to objection.

    The right on personal data correction (Right of rectification). Customers can request to correct, complete and up-to-date information if the data are incorrect or incomplete.

  • Revocation of Consent

    If the customer wishes to withdraw their consent during assessing. Contact the company and state your objection in written form. Withdrawal of consent do not affect the evaluating of personal data previously legally given consent to the company. However, the withdrawal of consent may affect the customer in interacting the products and services of the company. For instance, do not receive notice of benefits, new promotions or offers or do not receive useful information etc. Therefore, for the benefit of customers should acknowledge or inquire about the impact before withdrawing of consent.

    If the customer withdraws their consent, the company will take action or clarify within 30 days or not more than the time required by law. The company will comply with legal requirements related to the rights of customers as the subject of personal data.

  • Period of time to store personal data

    According to the principle of collecting necessary personal data. The company will store your personal information for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected by law. Customer’s personal information will be collected for no more than 5-Years from the date of last purchased the product or used of services. After the storage period, the company will delete or destroy personal data for the safety of customer data.

  • Company implementation to protect customers’ personal data.

    The company will assure personal information collected by the company is properly stored through data encryption and adequate security measures to protect personal data processing. The company may use cookies, web beacons, or any other technology to collection data to assist and facilitate access service, faster with more privacy.

    However, the company takes customer trust into account in protecting personal data. The company takes appropriate steps, which includes physical care and management and technical protection on personal information. The company advise customers to conceal their passwords to anyone in order to prevent unwanted system access and protect their personal data.

  • Amendments to the Privacy Policy

    The Company may consider reviewing customer’s personal data protection notice. If any amendment occurs, announcement will be officially inform through company website and according to appropriate channels.

  • How to Contact the Company

    Such case that customer wish the right to withdraw the consent in processing personal data or any question on company processing personal data, such clarification can be contact at

    • Telephone: 02-080-9454
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Contact Location: 989 Siam Piwat Tower Unit B1 19Fl., Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand.
  • Complaint

    If customer considers processing personal data to be misleading from Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019). Customer do have rights to complain to the Personal Data Protection Commission.

Updated on 1 June 2022