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Warranty Information

How long is the warranty period and what are the terms and conditions?
1-Year warranty period begins from the day customers received spectacles.
Please visit our webpage for details terms and conditions. OWNDAYS Customer Guarantees
What are the terms and conditions on the warranty of lenses?
We provide a one-time complimentary change of lens degree if you experience discomfort in your vision within the first year of purchase.
What are the terms and conditions on the warranty of frames?
Any frame defects occur from functional use within 1-Year of purchased as stated in the product manual starting from the day customer received the spectacles. We will offer you a replacement item of the same value if we are unable to repair your current frame and it is no longer in stock such as sale item. However, the collaborated, PC frames and sunglasses are not consider a part of warranty.
Is the warranty valid at any shop?
Yes. You can use warranty at any OWNDAYS shop around the world.
  • If you would like replace items within 1 month. Simply contact the shop you purchased. Simply bring your frame along with your warranty card at all time.
  • Please contact the shop that you made frame purchased in prior if you would like to use warranty service in a foreign country.
I lost my warranty card. Is my pair still covered by the warranty?
You may contact the shop or Customer Service Center to review warranty validity by stating your first name and last name, telephone number and the store that you purchased the frame. Tel:1800-999-366
The warranty period is already over. Can you still provide warranty?
The warranty period covers only 1-Year. If 1-Year warranty period is invalid, we still provide complimentary fitting, cleaning and visual acuity consultant for your OWNDAYS glasses.
I lost my glasses. Am I covered by the warranty?
No. The warranty does not cover glasses loss or misplacement.

Lens Information

The prescription on the lenses is not suitable for me. Can I make an exchange?
We provide a one-time complimentary change of lens degree if you experience discomfort in your vision within the first year of purchase.
The lens has become scratched. Does the warranty cover this?
We provide 50% discount of new lens replacement as a complimentary for the lens that is within 1-Year warranty.
  • If warranty period is invalid, you can replace a new pair of lenses with additional charge at 1,990 Baht per pair.
  • Please check the terms and conditions again at the point of frame purchase.
I am bothered by the lens thickness. Is it possible to make lens replacement?
No, if 1-Year warranty is valid you can replace to a new pair of lenses at 50% of the original retail price. In addition, we may not assure to process a thinner lenses index for you due to limitations on prescription records, fitting and sizing of the frame. Please check the service terms and conditions again at the point of frame purchase.
I have purchased a pair of single vision glasses. Is it possible to change the lenses to progressive lenses?
Yes, within one month of purchase, you may exchange progressive lenses to regular lenses adding additional charge at THB3,000.
For lenses exchange condition on the above is consider as a complimentary under the terms and conditions stated on the 2nd question. The progressive lenses preparation period range between 7-10 working days.
  • Only lens purchased at physical stores.
I have purchased a pair of glasses with progressive lenses. Can you change the lenses into single vision lenses i.e. normal reading glasses?
We offer free exchange of progressive lenses to regular single vision lenses within two months of purchase.
I had my new lenses made with the same degree as my current pair of glasses. However, my vision seems different. What are the possible reasons?
The change in your vision could be due to the shape and the fitting of the frames.
  • If you are not comfortable with your vision, please visit our shop so we could confirm your degree and adjust the frames and the fitting accordingly. Kindly bring your glasses and the warranty card to our shop within the warranty period.

Making a Purchase

Is doctor’s prescription necessary for lenses edging?
Doctor’s prescription is not necessary for lens edging with us. Customers may visit for lens edging at any OWNDAYS store. However, we do recommend customer to bring doctor prescription records for certain cases stated below:
  • Children age below 8 years-old who purchase frames for the first time.
  • Those who have eye diseases.
  • Those who have inconsistant eye visual performance.
Do you provide eye tests for children?
Yes. We provide complimentary visual acuity test. However, we recommend children age 8 years old or below who purchase prescription frames for the first time to bring doctor’s prescription.
What payment methods do you accept?
For purchasing at physical stores, we do accept cash payment, credit card, QR Code Alipay and WeChat Pay.
Is it possible to pay by credit card?
Yes, our stores do accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB and UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat Pay. The payment mode in some stores may be different. Please check the payment terms and conditions again at point of purchase.
Is it possible to deliver glasses via EMS?
Yes, customer must be responsible for additional delivery fee at 80 baht.
Can you make glasses with the same degree as my existing pair?
Yes, we can. Please bring along your existing pair of glasses so we can make the same degree for the new pair. Alternatively, we also accept other forms of record of the degree.
  • The lenses warranty only covers in Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.
Is it possible to do an eye test without making a purchase?
Yes, customer may visit for visual acuity test at any shop in Thailand.
How long does it take to make the glasses?
If the lenses is available at the store, you may wait for 20 minutes after purchased. Special lenses such as colour progressive lenses preparation may take between 7-10 days.
Is it possible to have an eye test while wearing contact lenses?
No. Customers must remove their contact lenses to have their eyes tested. We provide contact lens case and rinse solution.
  • If it is a disposable contact lenses, please prepare a new pair for change.

Shop Information

Where are OWNDAYS shops located and what are the store opening hours? What are the opening hours and on what days are you closed?
Please refer to the “SHOP” section in this webpage for more details.
  • Store opening hours may vary during public holidays such as the Chinese New Year as well as during company functions. Please visit the OWNDAYS webpage for more details.

Product Information

Is it possible to buy just the frames?
Yes, you can purchase only the frame by receiving 500 baht discount. For such case, the following is excluded from lenses warranty.
  • Some frames such as PC frames and sunglasses cannot sell separately.
Do you offer thinner lenses?
We have aspherical lenses which is a high refractive index (1.60/1.67) and is not necessary for you to spend an additional fee. In addition, offering option lenses may vary from the prescription and the frame chose. We will offer the most suitable types of lenses for you.
Is there any additional charge needed for myopia and astigmatism?
No additional degree is needed regardless of how high or low. You may visit any OWNDAYS store for lenses consultation at no charge.
Can you make reading glasses?
We do not have ready-to-use reading glasses, but we make glasses per your prescription, which the price is vary from the chosen frame.
Do you offer lenses with UV protection?
Yes, all lenses at OWNDAYS comes with UV protection, which can reduce over 99.99% of UV rays.
How many types of progressive lenses are there?
Our shop provide options of progressive lenses. The price starts at 3,000 Baht from the frame that you choose. Please visit our webpage for more detail. Our lenses.
Is there Transitions lenses?
Our shops provide Transitions lenses per customer desire. The price starts at 3,000 Baht. Please visit our webpage for more details. Our prescription lenses.
Can you make glasses for those with strabismus eye vision?
Yes, our shop recommend customer to bring doctor’s prescription for lenses edging.
Can you make glasses with no degree?
Yes, you may choose your favorite frame. These regular lenses come with multi-coating and UV protection, which can significantly block harmful UV rays and anti-reflective coating.
Do you have frames for children?
Yes, we do. Please refer under the brand “Junni” for more frames selection.
What are the circumstances for additional expenses?
The frame retail price has already covered everything regardless of how high your degree is; there will be no additional charge. However, additional charge may require from option lenses you choose such as PC lenses, Progressive lenses, Transitions lenses. The initial price starts at 3,000 baht. Please visit our webpage for more details. Our prescription lenses.
Can you change only the lenses?
Yes, we provide lenses replacement. The price starts at 1,990 Baht. However, we might not be able to replace certain type of lenses for some frames due to shapes and conditions. Simply bring the frame to our shop staff to examine before using our maintenance service.
Is item reservation available?
Our shop offers glasses reservation up to 7-days. In addition, special edition frames may not be available for reservation. Simply check the terms and conditions for reservation again at the point of frame purchase.

After Sales Service

What after sales services do you provide?
We provide these after sales services free of charge: change of nose pads, adjustment and tightening of screws, adjustment of fitting and eye test.
  • In some cases, we might not be able to provide maintenance service, which vary on the frame conditions.
Is it possible to exchange item after purchased?
Yes, if the frame conditions meet company requirements. We provide complimentary frame exchange for you within 1-month of purchased. For more terms and conditions please go to OWNDAYS Customer Guarantees exchange / refund topic.
Can you adjust the fitting of frames purchased from other optical shops?
Yes, we provide complimentary fitting of your frame for free at OWNDAYS shops around the world.
  • This service may not be available for some frames due to constraints in the frame condition.
Can I have the fitting adjusted at a different OWNDAYS shop instead of the one where I made the purchase?
Yes, OWNDAYS shops around the world are happy for fitting of your frame at no charge.
Is requesting spare parts for the purchased glasses possible?
Please contact OWNDAYS shop to check spare parts availability. Spare parts repairment or exchange are unavailable for certain breakage conditions of glasses.

Online Store

Do you offer lens replacement service at the online store?
We regret that we do not offer lens replacement service at the online store. Please bring your spectacles to an OWNDAYS store near you.
I made a mistake in my order. Can I make changes?
If the glasses has not ship out, customer may make changes in order details.
Please contact: Customer Service for tracking your order status.
Can discount coupons at physical stores be used at the online stores?
Discount coupons can only be use at OWNDAYS physical stores.
What to do if order confirmation email has not yet received?
If order confirmation email has not been sent, the possible reasons are here as follow:
  • Recheck your email address to make sure it is correct.Please check your email address you have signed up. Go to "My Account" to reconfirm your email.
  • The Security Software setting has been made.Your system may set Software Security, Please check Software Security Setting.
  • Spam Mail SettingYour system may have setup software security. Please check your spam mail or junk mail folder and set our mail to safe sender list.
  • There is a rejection on domain setting.Please add @owndays.com to your safe senders list.
  • There is Anti-Spoofing Protection setting.Anti-spoofing setting in your email helps to filter out emails that appear to originate from a trusted source cuasing you to unable to receive email from service provider. Please set email service provider to safe sender list.

For customers who are using Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail.

If you have not received any email after investigating the root cause from the above. You may need to contact service provider to turn off Anti-Spoofing Protection.
Checking Order Status can be done at [Purchase History] to assure your order has been confirmed.

For more information please contact: Customer Service
Is pick up the frame at the offline stores available?
Yes, you can choose pick up the frames at OWNDAYS shop near you. Customer will receive an email notify for a pick up once the frame reached the store. Customer is required to present the notified email for pick up.
  • If customer would like to change address or store, once the purchased process is completed then there may be additional expenses and delay on delivery.
What to do if I do not know my degree?
If you do not know the degree, we recommend to choose "Lenses Pick Up Coupon" at "Cart". You will get coupon for eye test and lenses edging at the shop near you without additional charge.
Those who purchased frames with OWNDAYS stores before may ask their degree via Customer Support or Facebook Messenger, you only need to state your first name and last name, telephone number that you registered and the store you purchased the frames.
What to do if the frame I received is not the same as the order?
If the glasses you received is different from the order such as wrong model, wrong colour, or the glasses is different from the details stated on the webpage or receive missing items. You may contact: Customer Support [email protected]
For product return, we will deliver the correct frame to you. (Please state first name and last name and karte number).