OWNDAYS brings comfortable vision to all of you for no additional fee, even for thinner lenses!

At OWNDAYS, high index aspheric lenses are standardised, equipped with UV protection and soil-resistant coating (reducing UV rays more than 99% / Refractive Index 1.60 and above), manufactured by well-known manufacturers in Japan.

We offer the most suitable lenses for you – from High Index Aspheric Lenses (1.60) to Ultra High Index Aspheric Lenses (1.74) for no additional fee, in spite of the high degree.

High Index Aspheric Lenses

Reducing UV rays more than 99%

Soil-Resistant Coating

*Six types of lenses are available at OWNDAYS.
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  • High Index Aspheric
  • Progressive
  • Transition
  • Polarised
  • Colour
  • PC

High Index Aspheric Lenses


Aspheric lenses have less distortion so that we can make the lenses even thinner and lighter. High index aspheric lenses are suitable for any degree and vision (hyperopia / myopia / astigmatism).There is no additional fee incurred for such thinner lenses at OWNDAYS.

Refractive Index: 1.60/1.67/1.74 with UV Protection and Soil-Resistant Coating

StandardlensesUV Protection and Soil-Resistant Coatin

Progressive Lenses

Plus ¥5,000+tax

Progressive lenses have gradual shifting, and you can see far, intermediate and near distance with one pair of spectacles: they are now more recognised as lenses for presbyopia. By using different types of pairs properly depending on the purposes and situations, more comfortable vision will be realised.Each pair of “Far & Near (Progressive)”, “Intermediate & Near (Office Progressive)” and “Near & Near (Computer Progressive)” is available by topping up JPY5,000 + Tax onto the price of the frame. The lenses are high index aspheric lenses.

Far & Near Lenses (Progressive Lenses) *Refractive Index: 1.60/1.67 with UV Protection
Intermediate & Near Lenses (Office Progressive Lenses) *Refractive Index: 1.60 with UV Protection
Near & Near Lenses (Computer Progressive Lenses) *Refractive Index: 1.60 with UV Protection

OptionallensesUV Protection
遠近両用 中近両用 近近両用
  • Progressive
  • Office Progressive
  • Computer Progressive

Transition Lenses

Plus ¥5,000+tax

The colour of the lenses changes accordingly to the amount of UV rays. The lenses get darker when exposed to more UV rays, while getting clearer when exposed to less UV rays.The pair of transition lenses can be used as clear spectacles as well as sunglasses. Please note that the lenses get clearer more slowly compared to when they get darker. Also, you may wish to know that it is not the amount of light but the one of UV rays that changes the colour of the lenses.

Transition Lenses (change the colour of the lenses due to the amount of UV rays) *Refractive Index: 1.56
The lenses get darker when exposed to UV rays.

Polarised Lenses

Plus ¥8,000+tax

The lenses are less affected by light from the surface of the water and diffuse reflected light so that your vision is still clear. Polarised lenses are different from sunglasses, which are just coloured lenses and make your vision darker. For polarised lenses, the film inserted between the lenses reduces the amount of unnecessary light such as UV rays and reflected light and only lets natural light go through.They are very effective in outdoor activities such as fishing, golf, skiing as well as driving.

*Refractive Index: 1.60
UV Protection

Colour Lenses

Plus ¥3,000+tax

OWNDAYS provides a total of many types of colour lenses. Whether it's to enjoy fashion more or to boost your own appeal, you can make any frames into a pair of sunglasses!


PC Lenses

Plus ¥3,000+tax

PC lenses protect your eyes from blue light, which is believed to lead to eye strain, headaches, and other such symptoms. These lenses cut out approximately 30% of blue light!OWNDAYS offers PC lenses in five different colours, allowing you to select the lenses that suit the design and olour of your frames.

5 Colour
About 30% blue light reduction